Joan Peck for Longmont City Council

Mike Foote - State Senate

Jonathan Singer - State House of Representatives

Sonya Lewis - State House of Representatives

Judy Lubow - Regional Transportation District Board of Directors

Deb Gardner - Boulder County Commission

Elise Jones - Boulder County Commission

Matt Jones - Boulder County Commission 

Aren Rodriguez - Longmont City Council

Polly Christensen - Longmont City Council

Ashley Stoltzman - Louisville City Council

Joseph Zanovitch, H.O.P.E. Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement Director

Gordon Pedrow - former Longmont City Manager

Claire Levy - Candidate for Boulder County Commission

Sierra Club

Marilyn Hughes

Pat Davis

Sharon Malloy

Jake Marsing

Marilyn Belchinsky

Ira Chernus

Kathy Partridge

Abby Driscoll

Lynette McClain

Bob Norris

Joseph Zanovitch, Executive Director H.O.P.E.

Joan is the real deal because she cares. She cares about our most vulnerable citizens and is willing to do the hard work to fix the most pressing issues facing our community. Thank you for your heart and dedication to making Longmont the best city it can be for everyone.

Joseph Zanovitch. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,  H.O.P.E. Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement

Judy Lubow, RTD Director

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Joan Peck to continue as a Longmont City Council member. Joan and I have worked together on transportation issues for years. Whether it is promoting bringing the promised FasTracks rail to Longmont, fighting to maintain Longmont’s regional bus service to and from Boulder and Denver, or strongly advocating for the continuance of the free local bus service in Longmont, Joan is always there, raising her voice to protect the interests of the citizens of Longmont. 

Judy Lubow, Regional Transportation District Director, District I

Joan Peck has a job to finish on City Council

Joan Peck has unfinished business. When she was elected to City Council four years ago, she went to work right away addressing Longmont’s affordable housing crisis, promoting environmental sustainability, and standing up to RTD. She has been a remarkable advocate for our community and, if we are going to continue making progress on all of these critical issues, she must be given the chance to finish the job she started.

Joan has stood up for working class families in our community who are feeling squeezed out by rising housing costs. She was one of the two most forceful voices on council for crafting our new inclusionary housing program, and nobody in the at-large race has nearly the understanding of how to solve the affordable housing crisis or the passion to actually get the job done.

Joan has been a leading voice for expanded air quality monitoring and keeping drilling away from Union Reservoir. She is doing all she can to protect our city’s natural beauty, and there is no one I trust more to implement our sustainability plan and get us to 100% renewable energy.

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of local leaders talk a big game about RTD. Joan is the only one I’ve ever actually seen get anything done. She worked with partners in the region and in the transit industry to develop a plan for “peak rail” service that could actually get Longmont a train to Denver years sooner than RTD anticipates.

If she isn’t re-elected, I fear we will lose all the progress we’ve made. Losing her voice would be an enormous step back for our city. I urge you to support Joan Peck when you cast your vote in the Nov. 5 municipal election.

Jake Marsing

Times Call Opinion

October 8, 2019

Re-elect Joan Peck to City Council

After careful consideration of the four candidates running for the at-large City Council position, I believe Joan Peck deserves to be re-elected to serve another four years. During her first term, Joan has demonstrated a deep concern for keeping Longmont as a place where existing residents of all income levels can afford to live. She has been a strong champion for environmental sustainability, affordable housing, managed sustainable growth and improved public transportation.

Joan’s dogged work to improve transportation services for our residents has been her greatest achievement. Progress is slow, but her approach is building bridges with other key entities in the region. Her efforts have been both to improve regional bus service, as well as to accelerate commuter rail service as part of the FasTracks regional rail plan. Unlike some of her opponents in this race, Joan has pursued a collaborative approach with RTD instead of threatening litigation and/or leading Longmont out of the Regional Transportation District (Longmont’s version of Brexit). Collaboration with other cities in the district and with the RTD Board is the only realistic way for Longmont residents to receive better transportation services. Blustering about litigation to force RTD to address Longmont issues may sound good on the campaign trail, but it will accomplish nothing.

I prefer Joan’s calm, collaborative approach and encourage all voters to support her on Nov. 5.

Gordon Pedrow

Joan Peck is a champion for Longmont

For the last four years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joan Peck in her role as a member of the Longmont City Council and in my role as one of Longmont’s representatives in the state Legislature. I know Joan is a passionate advocate for the community who understands policy and how to stand up for Longmont’s best interests. Longmont would greatly benefit from her continued service to the city. 

Joan is the strongest advocate in the region for making sure Longmont gets what it was promised by RTD. She has led the development of a peak rail plan that could actually get Longmont rail in the foreseeable future. Her continued voice on council is crucial for Longmont’s future transportation needs.

Her plan for smart, sustainable growth is exactly what Longmont needs. She has been a leader in addressing Longmont’s affordable housing crisis, she is working diligently to create workable solutions on homelessness, and she is committed to ensuring Longmont is a community where everyone, regardless of economic status, can thrive.

Finally, Joan Peck knows what it takes to protect our communities from the harmful effects of oil and gas development. Joan has been a steadfast partner in the fight for local control over the last eight years. She understands the importance of putting health and safety before industry profits and will fight to preserve Longmont’s natural beauty. I enthusiastically endorse her re-election to Longmont City Council.

Mike Foote

State Senator, District 17

Joan Peck is the leader Longmont needs

When ballots come out starting Oct.14, Longmont voters will be asked to decide from among four candidates for the at-large seat on City Council. Having had the chance to represent part of this community in the Legislature as the State House representative for eastern Longmont, I can unequivocally say that, for me, the choice in that race could not be clearer.

Joan Peck is not only the best candidate in that race, she is one of the most compassionate and effective public servants in our community. Whether it’s protecting the environment, taking bold steps to bring more affordable housing to Longmont, or working regionally to improve transit, Joan Peck is someone who is at the forefront of change and making an impact in our community every day. Joan Peck is the leader Longmont needs on City Council.

Joan works incredibly hard addressing some of the city’s greatest challenges. The progress we’ve made dealing transit issues and developing a plan for peak rail that RTD’s board of directors has formally voted to support simply would not have happened without Joan’s leadership. Losing her voice in that fight would be an enormous loss to the city.

She has been an outstanding leader on affordable housing and reducing homelessness. Joan brings together staff and City Council in work sessions with nonprofit and community partners to develop a plan that will help to get people off the streets and back on the path toward self-sufficiency. Her work crafting the city’s new inclusionary housing ordinance is also invaluable.

Fundamentally, Joan is a doer. She gets things done in a way few local leaders can. She’s done so much, but I know her work isn’t finished. I’m proud to

support her.

Rep. Sonya Jaquez Lewis

Colorado House District 12

Joan Peck will protect our environment

Joan Peck is the best person in the at-large race to protect our environment, promote sustainability, and stand up for the long-term health of our community. She is the candidate most committed to Longmont’s 100% renewable energy goal, keeping fracking out of the city, and improving our air quality monitoring capabilities.

Over the last four years, Joan has led the fight to protect our environment on council. However, her track record on this issue was well established even before she was first elected. She was a core leader in the successful effort to pass a charter amendment banning fracking in city limits.

On council, she has become a key voice to not just keep fracking away from homes and schools, but to keep it away from Union Reservoir as well. She’s become the key proponent on council for improved air quality monitoring by the reservoir so we can begin to measure exactly what the impacts of heavy industry in and around Longmont are. That kind of commitment to protecting our city’s natural beauty is exactly what we should expect out of our local leaders.

Longmont needs Joan Peck on council so the city can redouble its efforts to reach 100% renewable energy, promote sustainability, and protect our natural beauty. I am proud to know Joan, and I urge every Longmont resident to support Joan Peck for Longmont City Council at-large.

Karen Dike


Joan Peck is the obvious choice for the Longmont City Council 


Joan has positive qualities that stand on their own merit, without the need to tear down anyone else or spread lies, misrepresentations, and falsehoods like some of her opponents and their supporters have. First of all, Joan fights for the rights of everyone. She represents all of her constituents, those who have no voice as well as those who want only what is best for themselves. As a City Councilwoman for the past four years, Joan has worked tirelessly for the rights of the homeless to have a safe place to renew themselves, while protecting the interests of homeowners and neighborhoods. Joan has fought for affordable housing for those who serve us all but cannot afford to live in our city. She voted against the Metro Tax Districts that unfairly tax new homeowners to support wealthy developers in perpetuity. Joan also has been working to push RTD and the Burlington Northern Railroad to finally bring FastTracks to the Northwest Corridor. Joan is creative in her efforts to work with her adversaries. She is genuine and honest and communicates with everyone, often asking the tough questions. For example, when she realized that the oil companies were not going to consider the negative effects of fracking, she pushed ahead and found a researcher who would assist the City in measuring and documenting the data to prove fracking is significantly impacting Longmont air quality and in turn impacting our health and quality of life. Joan is an advocate for all of us. Please vote to re-elect Joan Peck to Longmont City Council. We need her to represent us. 

Lynette McClain

I support the re-election of Joan Peck for Longmont City Council, At-Large.

Joan has been a tireless advocate for preserving our natural environment and for protecting wildlife within the city. She has stood up for affordable housing and compassionate engagement with the homeless population. She has fought for bringing FasTracks to Longmont and has worked to promote multimodal transportation. She has been a leader in the fight to bring air quality monitoring to Longmont, which will soon be implemented. In all areas of city policy, Joan has worked to achieve a sustainable future for all citizens. Her candidacy has been endorsed by the Colorado Sierra Club, as well as numerous state and county officials.

Joan Peck seems to be unpopular with a small clique of development boosters and the “old guard” who act as if they own the town. Among these are some of the same people who publicly supported fracking in Longmont as a great “business-friendly” idea back in 2012. At that time Joan was leading the petition drive to ban fracking. Their opposition is a badge of honor and a sign that Joan is doing an effective job.

If you are a Longmont citizen who wants a clean, sustainable and just future for our town, please join me in voting for Joan Peck.

Chris Boardman