Joan Peck for Longmont City Council



  • Foster healthy economic development
  • Promote sustainable growth while protecting the environment
  • Support a multimodal transportation plan including rail
  • Champion the 'housing first' model to address homelessness 

Going Forward

Then and Now

In 2016 I promised to support our ban on fracking, promote smart development, bring rail to Longmont, create affordable housing and to make Longmont Sustainable. 

  • Successfully supported removing all of the oil wells and delivery lines on public property.  Advocated unsuccessfully to eliminate fracking under Union Reservoir but successfully directed staff to monitor the air quality at the reservoir for gas emissions negatively affecting the ozone layer.  The monitoring stations should be up and running by the beginning of the year. 
  • Worked with council and staff to adopt a council visionary work plan for smart growth encompassing transportation, science, technology, education and math (STEAM).  Community outreach has been done on all of these areas with ideas taken to heart working within Envision Longmont, the updated land codes, the resilient St. Vrain Project (RSVP) and our sustainability plan. This work is ongoing.
  • Worked with the Mayors and commissioners coalition, Governor Jared Polis, Commuting Solutions, the Longmont Chamber, the Tri-chamber Alliance, Boulder County and the Northern Area Transportation Alliance, to adopt the FasTracks Northwest corridor commuter rail full buildout be started as a Peak Rail Service.  This will be a work in progress as we move forward.
  • Worked with the other councilors and staff for a over a year to draft an affordable housing ordinance requiring new residential development in Longmont to provide 12% of their residences be affordable. I continue to work on our homeless issues which include finding housing for our residents experiencing homelessness while we wait for our affordable housing stock to be built.
  • Council adopted our sustainability and wildlife management plan allowing each of the city departments to have guidelines and criteria as we move forward in development both residential and commercially.  We are in the process of fueling our trash, compost and recycling trucks to methane from diesel fuel.  The methane is being compressed from our waste water recycling center.  11 of the 22 trucks in the city’s fleet are being converted.  The other trucks will follow as they are to be retired. Council has adopted a 100% renewable energy plan by 2030.
  • Joan worked with Sonia and Angel (last names?), along with the LGBTQ community to come up with language on a Sanctuary City status.  Because of concerns with ICE and the Federal government, council did not use the word ‘sanctuary’ but created a safe city status.
  • The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) was licensing undocumented residents so that they could drive to work, and the DNV moved their facilities to areas that were difficult to get to. Joan met with the Latino community at El Comite, encouraging them to come before council to make their case and to get a letter of support.
  • Joan supported the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at El Comite with a monthly donation to the program. 
  • Joan has been the City Council liaison for the Longmont Youth Council for four years. This council is made up of high school students working on community projects and learning about the function of city government.

Waterfall at Golden Ponds
Waterfall at Golden Ponds